Cafe Piendre - Best Native Coffee in Bago City, Negros?

Cafe Piendre located in Bantayan Park, Bago City, Negros Occidental

Where's the best coffee in the town of Bago in Negros?

Since the rehabilitation of Bantayan Boulevard, more cafes and coffee shops have started to pop. With too many options available, one will wonder if which has the best-served 'native' coffee in town.

Pride of Brgy. Alianza - Cafe Piendre

Before Cafe Piendre was brought in the city proper, the cafe was first known as a small coffee shop situated just before the Buenos Aires Mountain Resort which is part of Brgy. Alianza. Probably it was discovered through the local tourists of the resort which eventually created a strong word of mouth around town. Eventually, more people have started to visit the coffee shop despite it is located on the mountain side of the city.

But, perhaps, the biggest reason why it has become popular is because of their great-tasting coffee. They only serve native coffee on which the beans were harvested from the farms of Brgy. Alianza.

How's the coffee better in Cafe Piendre?

After trying a handful of native coffees in Bago, the one served in Cafe Piendre is significantly more flavorful. The mixture is well-balanced while the aroma is presently stronger and more recognizable compared to most native coffees around town.

Not only they served hot or brewed coffee, but they also have an iced coffee available. One time I brought my friends to try their coffees and they're really hooked on how tasteful the coffee in Cafe Piendre is especially their iced coffee.

The price is the key!

For P20 pesos, the brewed coffee is served in a big mug which is significantly cheaper considering it is also the best tasting one in the town. Also, their iced coffee is only P40 which is almost half the price of an available artificial flavored frappuccino in the neighboring coffee shops.

You should note that they only serve hot and cold drinks. There are no snacks or bread available but you can always bring one for you or for the group which has no corkage fee.

Menu and Schedule of Cafe Piendre

Where's the exact location of Cafe Piendre in Bago City proper and when they're open?

You can easily find Cafe Piendre in Bantayan City because it is in the display booth of Brgy. Alianza. It's a few steps away from McBoy Pizza and just besides Nena's Chicken Inasal.

You can find them open in the early morning of Saturday and Sunday provided the weather is clear while they are open starting mostly in the late morning until late afternoon during weekdays.


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