Stonepeak Cafe, Don Salvador Ultimate Guide - Rates, Directions, What to Eat

Stone-made house at Stonepeak Cafe in Don Salvador

If you're looking for some Instagram-worthy shots when visiting Don Salvador Benedicto, then Stonepeak Cafe is the place to be. It has the well-known stone-made house and an overlooking mountain view of the Don Salvador and Murcia.

You can also take a sip of their native coffee or enjoy some short snacks in their cafe. When the weather permits, you can sit and relax on their grassy slope areas and outdoor chairs and just enjoy the view and cold breeze of Baguio-like capital of Negros Occidental.

Direction and accessibility in the map via Bacolod

The cafe is located on the mountainous side of Don Salvador just a few minutes before their Municipal Hall. If you're coming from Bacolod City, it will take around 1 hour to reach the Stonepeak Cafe.

You can take public transportation like the Ceres Bus for around P70 to P90 fare per head for an hour and a half travel time. But it is a little challenging when arriving at the corner as the cafe is a few minutes away from the main road.

Important note:

We really suggest using hailing private tricycle in the area if you plan on going to Stonepeak via public transport in order to avoid the hassle of walking on the steep and rocky road.

Another option is to hire or rent a car of any type but favorably we suggest to use an SUV as this will make the climb onto the slopes of DSB faster.

You can find the cheapest Rent-a-Car in Bacolod and Negros here: Arnie Car Rental and Tours. They offer day trip or 24-hour self-drive or for-hire driver to any point in Negros.

The landmark in reaching Stonepeak

For private vehicles, the easiest way to find and reach Stonepeak Cafe is by downloading or checking the map before driving. The road leading to the cafe is on the left side of the road if coming from Bacolod City.


Entrance fee is only P50 pesos per head and with free parking space for vehicles or cars coming in. Summertime may limit the parking space as more tourists visit the area.

What to eat

They offer breakfast, lunch, and snacks meals but we really suggest trying their native coffee. They have limited choices in their menus compared to Mountainview Resort and Restaurant just located a few minutes of drive from the road of Stonepeak Cafe.

Budget and recommendation

You only need around P200 to P300 pesos in order to enjoy the cold weather of Don Salvador and Stonepeak Cafe if you are joining private cars.

Again, it is a bit challenging for tourists using public transportation. Nonetheless, the place is relaxing to stay and dine while the overall ambiance is rewarding especially for those people looking for the best view of Don Salvador Benedicto.

Views and photos of Stonepeak Cafe in DSB / Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Panorama view of Stonepeak Cafe
Panorama view of Stone House in Stonepeak Cafe, DSB


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