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Top 5 Places to Visit in a day during Masskara Festival in Bacolod City

Bacolod City Tour and Negros Budget Tours for tourists of group or joiners by Arnie Car Rental Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles and they held its Masskara Festival event every month of October. This year is a little bit different and more fun as the city made the celebration longer. The opening starts in the first week of October and will have their highlights like the Street Dance Competition and Lights of Masskara Parade on the last week of October this 2019. You can enjoy Bacolod more than strolling the streets of Lacson or tasting the chicken inasal by visiting the nearby attractions within and outside the city. It is possible in a day and you can already enjoy the best views and sights. Read our entire list below to find out which places and tourist attractions are must-see for travelers and visitors in Bacolod. Top 5 Places and Cities to Visit in Bacolod and Negros for a one-day trip 1. The Ruins (by Lacson Family) It is perhaps the nearest to Bacolod pro

What's the best and cheapest Hotel or Pension Inn in Bacolod City during Masskara

Bacolod City Masskara Festival runs as early as 1st week of October all the way up the end of the month. This 2019, the highlights are on the 4th week but most of the important and fun events will commence on the 3rd week of October. This festival brings a lot of activities and parties to enjoy like the Streetlight Parade and Masskara Dance Competition. It is also the period on which travelers may enjoy the best tourist attractions in the city and the province of Negros Island. This period also means a lot of tourists and travelers will be visiting the city and could shoot up the prices of hotels and inns in the town. But below is a few lists of best hotels and pension houses to stay during the peak season in the City of Smiles . What are the most affordable hotels, inns, and pension houses in Bacolod during Masskara? 1. Pleasant Traveler Pension It is situated in the 13th street just a couple of blocks away from L'Fisher Chalet hotel. It has free coffee while breakfa